Bhutan Tour Trekking Holiday Reviews

Bhutan Tour Trekking Holiday Reviews

A small sample of the many notes of appreciation we have had from happy travellers over the years. Many of our past clients are happy to be contacted by potential future travellers. Upon request we will put you in touch with other people from your own country who have travelled with us. This will enable you to verify our credentials and ask questions of our past clients about us and our services.

Fantastic Short Holiday in Bhutan ( By Anna and Jimmy )

The whole journey on the roads in Bhutan was something special, but of course the most momentous was the hike up to the Tiger's Nest. It was really something special. And the guide took time to ensure that we would manage it as well.

Best Tour Agency in Nepal ( By Maria and Lucas )

This was an excellent holiday with huge contrasts between the mountain countries of Nepal and Bhutan. Both countries are steeped in their unique cultures and histories - it was a joy to learn so much. The walk to the Tigers Nest in Bhutan has to be a highlight - an unforgettable day!

Wonderfun Holiday Experience in Nepal and Bhutan ( By Maria and Lucas )

The most memorable part of my holiday was the beautiful scenery on the treks in Bhutan and Nepal and the 51 metre Buddha high on a mountain in Thimpu is impressive and inspiring. The garden of Dreams in the busy centre of Kathmandu is a peaceful and really worth a visit. The crafts, carvings, textiles, masks, pottery, jewellery, dancing and music all display the rich culture and happiness of this area of the world.

Beautiful Nepal and Bhutan ( By Maria and Lucas )

The contrast between the vibrancy, noise and incense of Kathmandu in Nepal, and the serene, picturesque beauty of Bhutan. I really enjoyed both counties. In Bhutan, Punakha was a favourite place for me as it's a little more rural and remote. The Dochula Pass on the way was also very lovely; it was really misty so we didn't get mountain views but the stupas surrounded by the mists had their own - almost mystical - beauty. Hearing the locals talk about their king is also really interesting!

Bhutan and Nepal Tour ( By Maria and Lucas )

Our holiday to Bhutan included 4 days in Nepal. The most memorable part of our holiday was seeing the beautiful Dzong at Punakha bathed in sunshine. It is sited at the joining of 2 mountain rivers and with its white walls and glowing painted wood was like something out of fairytale. In Nepal the ancient city of Bakhtapur was amazing - an vibrant city that is still lived-in in much the same way for over a 1000 years - unforgettable. The most exciting part was the 2000 ft climb to the Tiger's Nest temple in Bhutan- a real challenge for the more mature traveller (!) but an interesting and amazing experience.

Nepal and Bhutan Experience ( By Maria and Lucas )

It was the combination of entering Bhutan for the first time to see everything that i had read about, but also going on the safari in Chitwan in south Nepal to see the crocodiles, rhinos and elephants that we hadn’t planned but that the tour operator so helpfully arranged for us at the last minute which round off the holiday nicely.

Short Trek in Bhutan and Jungle Safari in Nepal ( By Maria and Lucas )

There were many amazing parts, but highlights included the short trek to Tiger's Nest monastery in Paro, Bhutan, seeing students at work in the handicrafts school in Thimphu and having an elephant bath in Chitwan National Park, Nepal - an extra short trip I booked at the end of my main tour. Bhaktapur and Patan are fascinating and very different from Kathmandu, despite their proximity.

One of the best holiday experience ( By Maria and Lucas )

Our agent created an itinerary that reflected our interests and that gave us a very special Paris experience, one we will never forget. Prior to putting the itinerary together, she called me to ask about our interests and preferences. Everything was perfect, down to the smallest details, including a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for us at our elegant hotel. The trip was perfectly paced so that we left beautiful Nepal rested and with memories of our unique experiences - walking tours of secret places with our guide, a private cooking class complete with a trip to the markets to hand select the ingredients, a private day trip to Bhaktapur, which was beautiful. Thank you to our agent and our travel company!

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