Student Group Tour in Bhutan

Student Group Tour in Bhutan

In Bhutan Full time STUDENTS below the age of 25 years holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions shall also be given a 25% discount on daily rates.

We assist the Students from all over the world can travel to Bhutan and learn about the Bhutanese Culture, Traditions and Heritages, and know about the present educational system in Bhutan, and know more in practical about Bhutan’s "Gross National Happiness".

When bringing together the Tour Itinerary, we do keep in mind of visits to the various schools in Bhutan, in urban areas and in rural Bhutan. It will be exciting and surprising to see the vast difference between the students from the Urban and Rural Bhutan.

We also include visits to Botanical parks, and witnessing of games like archery and local Khuru tournaments. Also a visit to the Bhutan’s National library and the local farmers markets etc, apart from visit to the many temples and monasteries, the National Animal Zoo, the Traditional Medicine centre and many sites more.

Since Bhutan is worldwide known as a country of “Gross National Happiness“(GNH), we can arrange a dialogue on GNH for the students from a good resource personnel in Bhutan. Not only the student who all will interact with students to students but also the teachers of both the side will exchange their wisdom of teaching each other and This journey can be interactive so that students can put up their questions on GNH while in Bhutan, as Bhutan is the birth place of the very concept of "Gross National Happiness".

Interesting Places To Visit in Bhutan for Student Groups

Traditions, cultures and lifestyle of the Bhutanese societies could be peeked into by travelling to the capital city, Thimphu- the most-populated city in the country. Many of the sites in here could be taken a tour to on foot; visit monasteries and buy handicrafts. Numerous sites can be visited by spending merely a few days in here. Tashichho Dzong, the main secretariat building, is home to part of the government Ministries, the kings office and the Throne Room. The snow-capped mountains will provide the placid environs when a drive to Punakha (former capital of Bhutan) is undertaken through Dochula pass. Places to visit in Bhutan doesnt end here, there is still a long-list to go through. Chime Lhakhang is a present by the almighty to the childless couple; and is situated on a hillock amidst the rice field. Wangdue, hailing from the 17th century plays a major role in allying western, central and southern Bhutan; the town has a series of well-provided shops and hotels. Trongsa Dzong and Monger are amongst the favourite places to visit in Bhutan. A burgeoning commercial center and the hub of religious and secular activities in the east, Trashigang, is a little hamlet on the top of the mountain.Bhutan has many tourist places to visit, there are very nice sightseeing, attractions in Bhutan which are must see in Bhutan. Details on Bhutan city and tourist places.

Bhutan Tour For Students - 11 Days

Bhutan Tour For Students - 11 Days

Bhutan Tour for Students is specially designed for student groups who are interested in learning about the values, an ancient culture, history, customs and traditions......More Details.

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