Textile Tours in Bhutan

Textile Tours in Bhutan

The Bhutanese textiles are rich, vibrant, and colorful and are a complex art form as well as an integral part of the Bhutanese culture. This Bhutan textile tour will give you an insight about the rich textiles in Bhutan. The textile tour will be an opportunity for you to practice the Bhutanese textile practically. We promise that you will really enjoy this tour with great satisfaction in your life. In this tour you will also see or learn the natural coloring and dyeing. The Bhutanese textile are so unique. So visit Bhutan and experience it practically by yourself.

Textile Living Art of Bhutan

This trip will let you experience the Bhutanese weaving culture on first hands by visiting small weaving villages. You will have opportunity to see some expert weavers at work and discover how advanced a textile culture in Bhutan has developed. In Bhutan, weaving is considered special skill identified in women.

For enthusiasts and textile lovers, we arrange textile tour. Bhutanese textiles especially the intricate brocades and complex supplementary warp patterns are considered the most unique in the world. Textiles vary from one region to another. If you wish, you can also experience weaving on a traditional handloom.

Textiles form a rich complex art deeply embedded in Bhutanese culture and history. Textile arts in Bhutan are centuries old, vibrant, ongoing and ever changing. Cotton, nettle, wool, silk and yak hair are the basic fibers. Textiles are considered prestigious commodity, wealth, form of payment and expressions of religious demotion. Textiles play an important role in the practice of Buddhist ritual, providing images of deities and makers and adornments for sacred places.

The man’s dress – gho similar to a robe and the women’s dress – kira are the principle garments. Textiles are the glorious of Bhutanese popular art. Central and Eastern Bhutan are famous for textile production. Different regions have their own designs and fabrics to their own looms. Our textile tour will have you traveling across Bhutan to visit folk textile centers, learn about Bhutanese techniques of weaving, the significance of their designs and colors and to meet the weavers.

This trip will provide you the experience of the Bhutanese weaving culture. You will be visiting small weaving villages, where you will have opportunity to see and meet expert weavers at work and discover advanced textile culture of Bhutanese. Weaving is an ancient skill of women.

Bhutan Textile Tour - 17 Days

Bhutan Textile Tour - 17 Days

The textile is an integral part of Bhutanese life and culture. Our Textile tour provides opportunity to explore and experience various kind of textile weaving and dying......More Details.

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