Motorbike Tours in Bhutan

Motorbike Tours in Bhutan

Bhutan Motorcycle Tour Ride High on KTM in Bhutan! We're offering this tour as a private ride for small groups only and you can pick the dates, we'll advise you on conditions for when you have time and get you fully set up for this fantastic ride in an isolated little Himalayan country!

Bhutan Motorcycle Tour offers adventure rider an experience of riding Royal Enfield and KTM Motorcycle trips through the landlocked and geographically isolated kingdom of Bhutan. Our range of guided tour provides you with a latest model handpicked motorbike to ensure that you enjoy the moment as it unfolds in style, while having the freedom of seeing and exploring the lesser known routes and sights. Every aspects of our service are demonstrated by knowledgeable, friendly and committed team’s of professionals who are themselves passionate motorcyclist.

Choose any one of our itineraries from our carefully planned and prepared trip or tailor a tour program according to your need and interest. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about this hidden valley; its landscape, culture and people. We offer all together an in-depth look into the kingdom, showing you not only the popular sites of interest, but what is hidden between them. Bhutan is a land of superb vistas ranging from the alpine to the tropical with magnificent architecture that is epitomized in the dzongs [fortresses], which stretch across the country and with many tales of miracles and replete with myths and legends. Come prepared to meet and interact with a Bhutanese people who are spiritual, dignified, extremely friendly, discipline and hospitable and spend time to learn about their culture, history and traditions. As you travel through this ideal landscape, your way of experience with Royal Enfield and KTM motorcycle will be fun and inspirational with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences.

Our professionally escorted motorcycle tours are well recognized throughout Bhutan and are rated best motorcycle tour provider. You can be well assured that your Bhutan experience is in the hands of the experts. If you wish to choose the length and time of your trip or wish to ride only with your close company of friends, we will be happy to help you organize your trip any way you want to see or do. We have carefully selected accommodation for your comfort and relax with great service. Nearly everything is included in the tour and for detail inclusive and exclusive kindly go through the detail day-to-day tours. We do not have any hidden cost.

Bhutan Info:

Bhutan, the secret Shangri La or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon is the best-kept secret in the travel industry. Due to its relative isolation, the country is not known to the outside world and until 1960, western visitors rarely visited the country. Today still, few people know of the beauty of Bhutan.

The few who do visit this magical place find an ancient Buddhist culture thriving in a landscape of incredible natural beauty. The mountains are magnificent, the countryside green, the pure air and unpolluted and the architecture striking. Our KTM adventure tour will show you an intimate insight into Bhutan's Buddhist culture and way of life.

The mountainous road are well maintained throughout Bhutan, reaching heights of 3200m /10496feet and offer the most stunning views of the Himalayan ranges. The rides is through various types of vegetation ranging from sub tropical to alpine vegetation, in the valleys passing through many villages of terraced rice fields and fairy tale rivers.

The ride will take you to interesting cultural sights of Western and central Bhutan, to the secluded locations of Zhemgang and southern districts of Sarpang and Tsirang. This is a new itinerary and not many people have traveled on this route - and not so on motorcycles. Come and enjoy this trip for a great lifelong memory. Jim will film the entire tour and all video will be available to riders.

Bhutan Motorbike Tour - 6 Days

Bhutan Motorbike Tour - 6 Days

Bhutan Motorcycle Tour is a road trip to Bhutan on a bike will be a trip of a lifetime. This Tour offers adventure rider an experience of riding adventure trips......More Details.

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