Honeymoon Tour in Bhutan

Honeymoon Tour in Bhutan

Looking for a romantic getaway? Why not choose from list of amazing Bhutan destinations. You will definitely enjoy memorable and most romantic vacation in Bhutan. It is an absolutely magical place with full of mountains, river, peace and natural beauty which makes this place most loved and full of romance.

Honeymoon tour to Bhutan:

Private personalized trips for couple to Bhutan are on high demand and we organize romantic incredible honeymoon trips and create memorable Bhutan journeys throughout our Bhutan itineraries. Bhutan is heavenly paradise and unique honeymoon destination for honeymoon holiday planner. Many feel that Bhutan could be too religious Buddhist country but believe us, we will let you walk through all modern facilities, night life, peacefulness, romantic scene, romantic hotels and so on...

Some of the best programs that we have arranged for our clients are organizing proper Bhutanese style wedding with full costume in Bhutanese traditional dress and organizing special prayer ceremony preformed by monks in the temples or in altar room. Getting blessing for strong bond, love and everlasting marriages. Couple to celebrate anniversary holidays in Bhutan, couples trip to Bhutan could be to get accessed to extreme outdoor activities and adventurous tours in Himalayas are all possible with us.

Bhutan is a beautiful place buried with numerous cool and easy hiking, beautiful forest walks, surrounded by awesome valleys with amazing views of the Himalayas give perfect holiday for honeymoon planer and married couple. We will provide you handpicked properties to ensure that you enjoy the most and have luxury holiday tours to Bhutan for comfortable stay, fully customized tours and romantic activities, a night totally outdoor with beautiful campfire, best meals, local wine and imported wines, a day totally local with the villagers player archery and khurus, cultural programs organized for the couple, hoist prayer flags on the pass and packed hot picnic lunches in outdoor romantic places are some of Heavenly Bhutan's services in the list. Just be happy and travel in your way, you are in the Kingdom of Happiness.

Best Places For Honeymoon In Bhutan

1. Paro Valley

One of the most historic valleys of the country, Paro Valley is a must-visit place on your Bhutan honeymoon trip. Being the center of trade and invasion by the Tibetans, the valley has the closest cultural connection with Tibet vis-à-vis any other district in Bhutan. The boutique villas facing the beautiful pine forest valley make it an important Bhutan honeymoon destination.

2. Trongsa

Your honeymoon in Bhutan would be incomplete would visiting the new village of Trongsa. The long history of the Wangchuck kings can be seen from the forts of the district, with the picturesque views of the mountains in the backdrop.

3. Thimphu

The capital and the largest city of the country, Thimphu is one of the preferred honeymoon destinations in Bhutan. The colorful weekend market with its quirky shops, museums, and popular landmarks will make your honeymoon in Bhutan a memorable one.

4. Bumthang

The district houses the most ancient temples and sacred sites in Bhutan. From trekking to the burning lakes and from forts to temples, Bumthang ensures a great honeymoon in Bhutan.

5. Gangtey

One of the most beautiful in the country, the Gangtey valley is a picturesque destination for your honeymoon in Bhutan. Key attractions: Gangtey Monastery and Black Mountain National Park.

6. Punakha

The erstwhile capital of the country, Punakha is a must-visit place on your honeymoon trip to Bhutan. A relatively warmer city, winters are pleasant and hence it is better to visit Punakha in Bhutan for honeymoon in winters.

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour - 9 Days

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour - 9 Days

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour offers the most memorable and pleasurable time of your life in Bhutan. This is a well designed honeymoon package with beautiful destinations......More Details.

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