Helicopter Tours in Bhutan

Helicopter Tours in Bhutan

Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service (RBHS): Helicopter facility in Bhutan officially started on 11 Nov 2015 and significantly introducing helicopter services on the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth Bhutan King.

Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service will initially operate on-demand aerial tourists sightseeing flights using its Airbus H130 helicopter that can cater to a group of up to six passengers per flight and it will also be deployed on emergency flight services in Bhutan.

According to Department of Civil Aviation, Bhutan aims to have at least 40 operation helipads of various standards in 18 districts by 2020.

Passenger Manifest and Safety Briefing

A passenger manifest form is to be completed for allRoyal Bhutan Helicopter Service flights by the Passengers and verified by Pilot-in-Command/Dispatch and left at point of departure. All passengers must be briefed prior to their departure. Manifest must be updated by radio if passengers change at places away from the base.

The Safety briefing will be carried out by either PIC or Ground Crew:

– Embarking/Disembarking procedures (safe access and egress from the aircraft)

– How to open doors, escape hatches

– How to operate internal communications system

– How to operate seat belts and the use of brace positions

– Location and operation of aircraft emergency equipment including fire extinguishers, Emergency Locator Beacon/s

– Location of first aid kit and survival equipment

– Emergency procedures and emergency exits

– Identification of restricted items

– No smoking, mobile telephone and electronic item use requirements

– Restricted activities during the flight

– Flight Details

Bhutan Heli Sightseeing Tour - 5 Days

Bhutan Heli Sightseeing Tour - 5 Days

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