Packing List for Bhutan Tour

Packing List for Bhutan Tour

Information about packing list for Bhutan Tour and Trekking Holidays.

For Cultural Tours

The key to travel comfort is to not bring a lot and keep it simple! You need to bring loose, comfortable clothes and walking shoes for your touring trip. Dress in Bhutan tends to be very casual. For women, pants (not tight) and skirts are appropriate. Women want to dress modestly, so try to avoid low-cut tops and sleeveless shirts. Very short or tight clothes are considered inappropriate in public areas in most Asian countries. Therefore we recommend light-weight, loose fitting trousers or skirts. Even at dinner, it is rare to dress up. Should you need laundry service, it will be available at the hotel but itinerary might limit timing for laundry service. They do a very good job when time permits. Hand washing personal items often works, too.

In addition to your “normal” daily clothes, you will need to bring the following items with you:


- warm jacket

- good leather or waterproof fabric boots or shoes with good soles,

- waterproof jacket

- sunglasses

- warm hat

- sunhat and sunscreen

For Trekking in Bhutan


- Short sleeve shirt(s) – base layers work well

- Long sleeve shirt(s)

- Sweater

- Jeans or long light pants that will dry quickly

- Long underwear (tops and bottoms)

- Pajamas

- Underwear

- Socks

- Jacket (lightweight and/or waterproof)

- Sandals

- Walking or hiking shoes

- Hat

- Waterproof gloves

- Water resistant poncho

- Bathing suit (only if hotel in Kolkatta or Bangkok has a pool)

Accessories/personal items

- Sleeping bag

- Water resistant/proof cover for your daybag

- Passport

- Credit/debit cards

- Cash

- Reading materials (magazines, books)

- Guidebook(s)

- Maps

- Cell phone

- Cell phone charger

- Camera

- Camera charger

- External hard drive to back up images

- Video camera (if you like)

- Video camera charger (if you like)

- Memory card(s) for camera

- Eye shade

- Notepad/journal

- Pens

- Sunglasses

- iPod (load Dzongkha language podcasts or audio books!)

- iPod charger

- Travel documents (directions, printouts with reservation confirmations, etc.)

- Alarm clock

- Watch

- Binoculars

- Flashlight or headlamp

- Gifts for locals and guides

- Postcards from your home city (to share with the locals)

- Games (card or other small games)

- Hand warmers

- Snacks (such as nuts, dried fruit, protein bars)


- Conditioner

- Shampoo

- Hairbrush

- Deodorant

- Hand lotion

- Face lotion

- Facial soap

- Razor

- Toothpaste

- Toothbrush

- Tweezers and nail clippers

- Dental floss

- Feminine products

- First aid kit including:

Add to this any other personal items you feel you might need such as medications or snacks.

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