Climate of Bhutan

Climate of Bhutan

Weather in Bhutan depends upon the altitude. In the northern parts of the country where mountains rise up to 7,000m, weather conditions are similar to arctic. Southwards, closer to India, the weather is hot and humid in the summer and cool in winter. The monsoon rains are usually heavy. Winters can be a good time to visit the lower parts, but then the highest areas are freezing. The best times to visit Bhutan are spring (March-May) and autumn (late September – November) when the weather is warm, dry and sunny but always throw in a couple of warm clothes into your travelling gear when you travel to Bhutan regardless of the season.

Bhutan Seasons:

High Season (March, April, May, September, October and November).

- The weather is best in spring and autumn.

- Himalayan views are best in October.

- Rhododendron blooms peak in March and April.

Mid Season (December, January and February).

- The weather is still good, though it can be cold in December and January.

Low Season (June, July and August).

- Monsoon rains and leeches put an end to most treks.

- High altitude flowers are at their peak blooming season.

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